Welcome to our Vincent Photography Blog!  We have been busy little bees trying to get everything organized for our new website.  We knew we wanted to include a blog on our site and before we could start it, we had a few other things to complete first.  We are very excited to now start blogging!

When trying to find the appropriate photo to use in our first post, I looked through many photos we had taken and couldn’t decide on a family photo, a scenic photo, or a beautiful spring flower.  After going through a few folders, I happen to come across this photo which we had taken at Damien’s parents place.  It was a photo that I hadn’t even edited yet or used for anything from a couple years ago.  Within minutes of looking at it, I felt it would be very fitting for our first welcoming blog.  SO, WELCOME!

We are very excited about some projects we are currently working on and it looks like it will be a very busy year!  We invite you to tour our website and have a look at some of the work we have done thus far.  We take pride in our photography work and each and every photo shoot has its own uniqueness.  We put countless hours into our editing to make sure that our clients are getting quality work.  With both Damien and I photographing, we are able to capture a great variety of photos during each shoot and always cannot wait until the next one!

Again, welcome to our blog and thank you for visiting Vincent Photography!